The power of an authentic heart

‘Emotions, the power of an authentic heart’ – during the conference The power of the Imperfect Feminine

It was almost 3 years ago, when the magic happened. My inner guidance came in so strong and everything seamed so clear, that even my own fear melted. Don’t get me wrong, the fear was still there but the Spirit inside me already decided and came into agreement to embody that – I was feeling it with my whole body.

The calling was bigger than me, to bring together a big group of women addressing all those aspects that women do not normally talk about: like abuse, like differentiation with men in a work place, like post partum depression, like middle age injustices that still happen to women in modern society and of course on top of all of this, the pressure of being the perfect woman.

This is how The Power of the Imperfect Feminine took place!

We were 77 women, coming together, heart by heart for one commune goal, and if you were among them. I want to thank you for being with me all along!! I want to thank you for following the calling and the voice of your heart!

Before every single newsletter and article, I meditate upon the subject. As I was doing that earlier, ‘authentic heart’ kept on coming up. What a ‘coincidence’ just as in the title of my speech in the conference, 3 years ago: ’emotions the power of an authentic heart’.

There is something very powerful in an authentic heart. An authentic heart can not be defeated, because it has nothing to hide. To reach to the authentic heart though, and even more to bring it up and express it in the world, that requires to be as sincere as possible with one self. And that is not always easy. In a way I would associate this with the image of the Sheela – Sheela Na Gig. Sheela is always there, somehow exposed, yet so powerful in her truth, embodying it, as you can not approach it differently. Approaching her, would require you to leave the masks behind and show up, as naked in your truth, as she is.

An authentic heart has the fuel that it needs to go miles and bring dreams to reality, simply because it doesn’t spend the energy on creating a false image and maintaining it. It will guide and communicate with you – indeed just as a cricket in the beginning if you haven’t listen for it for a while.

But what if I am wrong, when I listen to my heart?
Honey, but what if you are right?

What if mistakes where not mistakes, but redirections that would bring you where you are meant to be?
What if mistakes are just a way to learn more, to expand and reach to the goal that you desire?
Perfection is imperfection accepted. The chicken has to bring in the effort to crack its own egg in order to become the chicken. When someone else cracks the egg, it doesn’t become the chicken anymore.

Photo by Navi on Unsplash

Your heart knows the way! It has the map and it can lead you there!! You just need to listen and follow it!!
Sure uncomfortable things might come up on the way, but they are just means for you to become what you were always meant to!

Aaaaand by listening to your heart, you empower it, so next time it won’t whisper in a cricket voice, it will communicate with you directly. Clarity is gained through following the guidance through.

But what if I am wrong? What if I follow the voice of my mind or Ego?

How else would you realize that you are wrong, unless following it?

No matter of the way, this is a win situation!

What you have to gain is passion, aliveness, expansion (even through learning) and authentic power of the heart – constantly empowered by choosing it!

In our essence we are not different, separate or superior to Nature. We are IT. There is a seed of divine inside you that waits for the perfect timing, to germinate and come into fruition. The seed knows, the chicken knows, Nature itself knows, you too! So have a deep breath and surrender to the process of your becoming. Quiet the noise, allow Nature to take it’s course.

And when you need support we are here for you.

Passion is seeking you

Isn’t it amazing how children can be so grateful and happy about almost anything? As they laugh out loud, spreading the joy with so much passion!! Even when they are crying, they cry with full passion as well, they do not hold back.

If this is true for most children, I can’t say is the same for adults. I had moments in my life when passion was missing, I met many women that wished they would live fully and experience that spark within once again. So, it made my wonder, why and where does passion leave when it does?

From the beginning let’s come to an understanding of what do I mean by passion. For me passion is the spark within, that can and will most of the times manifest in a sexual expression as well, but not only. Passion is behind fully living the moment, the life, a certain relationship, a dance or a painting. That for me is passion.

Loosing the passion is not a singular moment. It doesn’t happen just by going for a walk on the street and losing something from the pocket of the heart, but many times, is a long process mostly unconscious that involves ignoration.

For simplification let’s put it this way, every single one of us has been given in charge a spark of divinity, of creativity and magic that is meant to express itself through, in an unique way. Just like a small fire of potentiality it needs to be cared for. Modern world is magical, yet in it’s traditional way seldomly supports that care. It comes with different recipes of success, of manifestation, of love, you name it – more and more aspects become standardized. And that can be magical and precious and amazing – don’t get me wrong. You do not have to choose between one and the other, if:

You make the choices in alignment with your inner spark.

The spark of passion fades when:

  • It is ignored – seldomly conscious. Life becomes busy, bills are waiting to be payed off, family & friends require attention, and you move from your inner center to please the outside.
  • There is disconnection from the original self in order to impress or obtain a certain purpose. This one is a tricky one, it can take many forms, it can look like love – only different. Did it ever happen to you, to fall in love with an idea of a person or his / her potential, not really with the person in front of you? Instead of a person can always be a job, a title, a project – something that you think in the moment you want so much, that you would give anything to have it?
  • We are not authentic. Small kids are raw and very honest – they will tell you what they like or not – in their innocence they won’t overthink it, but they will be honest to themselves, honoring what they feel inside them first, seldomly judging it. The fact that they make no effort, it makes it look as a natural thing.
  • we learn coping mechanisms that keep us going through different traumatic experiences. Even if the coping mechanisms are necessary in the moment, on a long term they will form a protective mechanism around the heart, sheltering the essence, and the outside from fully seeing us.

The good news is that the spark will be waiting patiently to manifest once again. It will secretly guide you and invite you to re-connection. What you can do to support it is:

  • Invite it into your experience. Take time to honor and connect with it. Even if it feels like a silly thing or even if you do not know how to do it. Intention will do the magic.
  • Become aware of your choices. Ask yourself: is this choice in alignment with what I am feeling inside?
  • Be patient with yourself and just as the children do, invite innocence and non-judgement into the experience.
  • Release the pressure. You don’t need to be anything else than what you, and how you are. You can shake it, dance it, and approach it from a perspective of fun: Play with it.
  • Embrace certainty. Don’t doubt it. Passion, the spark within, will always want to reconnect to you.
  • Don’t forget about gentleness. Just as it took a while to loose it, it might take a while for it to manifest at its own capacity. Be gentle as old patterns, memories, emotions that form stagnant energy might start to be released.

You’ve got this!

When you need support in all this process of rediscovering and rekindling the passion within we are here for you. Our programs, retreats and workshops start first with that connection inside, so you can build on a stable ground. You are welcome to join us, when that spark from within is in alignment with what we offer. You can check the availability here.

The Ghost Woman – Newsletter

Happy New Moon Beautiful!!!

I met a woman once.
She was broken to pieces and turned apart. She was confused and didn’t really knew herself anymore. She gave and gave and gave, until she felt empty. She used to be a fighter, now she didn’t remembered the cause that she fought for. Her back was bent as if she was caring the weight of the whole world on her shoulders. She looked nice on the outside, but her eyes were revealing that she missed a spark within. She used to be a lover, now she was wondering where did all the LOVE go?

I called her the Ghost woman.
Ever since I met her, I met some other women alike. They all want the same: to be seen, to be fully seen and to be accepted. They all want to ease the heaviness that weights them down. They all want to rekindle the spark of passion and the joy of life once again. They all want to remember how worthy they are of LOVE. They all want to stand fully in their own power, embracing who they really are from within.

Oh, I know this woman so good. I was a Ghost woman and that craving of knowing myself from within, made me travel in the depths of the Amazonian rain-forest to find my essence again. It was the heaviness, the pain, the suffering, the aloneness, the tiredness of all the things I was not, that made me realize how important it is to have a guide on this journey of coming back to fully living. Someone that reached that point inside themselves.

Ghost woman didn’t needed another hero, another expert over her life, she just needed someone to guide her, someone to believe that she can do it, that she can become her own hero, the creator of her own life, her own Creatrix.
She did it. And in the past 8 years, I had the honor to see many other women – in the programs and retreats – turning their own life to fully living once again.

Creatrix You is one of this programs. Allow me to share with you the steps towards it:

  • We meet up in Sardinia on 13th of October. – An important element in this journey is to allow yourself to experience something new, a new environment, outside of what you consider familiar.
  • 4 days and 3 nights – enough time to explore deeper the own being.
  • A group to hold, to honor and witness your transformation, to welcome and support you while you return in your own true nature.
  • Time to enjoy the sea, the sun and integrate the work in the morning.
  • Afternoon group work every day.
  • Ceremonies in sacred sites.
  • Group of support after the journey.

To make sure the energy invested – on both sides – no matter if is in form of pure energy, knowledge, time or money, would bring the best results, you are offered a complimentary private meeting before departure.

Ghosts walk on this Earth until their time comes up. In secret they want to be transformed. Life is looking to fill them up again with passion, purpose and love. Life, the Universe needs them to transform, so in divine timing to bring that sacred alchemy and knowledge of their experience further.

Let’s set up a meeting and see if we can work together. Just click here: Registration.


You can still benefit of the early bird offer by registering to Creatrix You – embody the creative power within, Sardinia – 13th – 16th October, until 1st of September.

Starting with 1st of September the cost for all private sessions and packages will change. You can still purchase your sessions at the current rates. Depending on the number of sessions you want to purchase, there is a time validity.

DNA Activation sessions available. Details here: DNA.


It seams that everyone runs of her, of the Ghost woman. There is nothing wrong with her. Just like the Moon and the whole Nature, she rolls in cycles. She needs the darkness, the inwards, the down to Earth aspects to be able to anchor and shine fully her light.

This is an auspicious time to give yourself permission to dream and set your intentions.
Happy New Moon!

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