The journey

A spark of light, your soul, traveled from the source to experience the Creation itself in a physical world. In order to do that, it was entrusted with a sacred gift, an amazing temple and shelter for the soul, with knowledge and wisdom of its own, a precious jewel, a master key of access into the Living Library.
A woman’s body, gave you few specific aspects, easier to access, apply and master then your partners. Intuition, fluidity, great strength, compassion are some of them. But you were also blessed with an incredible force and power of creation, able to bring life to Earth (in all shapes and forms).

Your deep connection with the water, the place where life begins, offers you a key of access into a primal very sacred wisdom, that you hold inside of yourself. Water, also deeply related to emotion, as a woman’s compassionate heart, has the capacity to feel the whole Creation.

You body is a sanctuary that you live in. Your womb is a holy place, a portal between worlds, a gateway between times and spaces. Sexuality means more than sex. In fact you are entrusted with a very sacred energy, meant not only to bring babies to this world, but also to raise the consciousness, of yourself and the whole planet with it.

This is the Nature of things, and the time has come, for them not to be the whispered secrets, anymore. We, both as collective and individuals, need more then ever, to go back into our Nature, as part of it.

Are you willing to go back into your Nature? Are you ready to embrace the Mystery of your own being? Are you willing to follow your brave hearts calling, and step onto this path of renewal and transformation?  

It is both my intention and my hearts calling to create the safe, gentle and supportive environment for women to return to their deep connection with their true and authentic Self, into their Nature and not only remember, but also embody their feminine creative power and magic.

Allow yourself to imagine, for a moment, how would it be if you would go back into your true, sovereign, beautiful, magical, powerful, sacred, gentle and lovely nature, embracing the big Mystery within…?

In order to get there, you need to take that first step, and decide that the time has come for you to return to the temple of your own heart and soul. It is that simple, it starts with your decision. The Universe in its greatness has visible and invisible help all around, ready to support you and your change once you decide, once you place yourself in that conversation.

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