Meet Me

Who am I, to guide you in this journey?

I am Andreea Cristina Chiș , a woman just like you. I was hurt and abused, in different shapes and forms, during the years. Some wounds healed quicker then others… It took me years to realize how sacred my body, my temple and my womb is, as I still discover its magic and wonder.

My curiosity of (re)discovering my Self, and my own Nature, led me during the years to various and precious experiences in different corners of the world, that brought much more wisdom then any classical course I have attended, or that I ever thought it would.

The desire of getting in touch and knowing more about that higher force manifesting through, carried me, during the time, to different teachers, from different traditions, with different methods of approaching aspects of life. This desire of my soul carried me from the Amazonian jungle, to the profound and magical Irish landscape, from the Aymara tradition in the Titicaca lake, to south of France on the path of Mary Magdalen, from an angelic system to the native tradition of the Lakota, from Egyptian energies to ancient Celtic healing wisdom. Mother Earth herself initiated me in different sacred places, as she revealed precious knowledge, related to different macro aspects, but also as microscopical as DNA or cellular level.

I am a student of Nature, there is so much to learn from that subtle conversation…

All the methods, all the teachers, physical or non physical, human or not, brought me deeper and deeper to my own Self, as a student of Great Spirit itself.

I am a seeker and a founder, I am not only a story teller, but also a story maker. I am a lover and a beloved, I am teacher and a student of the big Mystery. I am an alchemist, a magician, a co-creator of this life, I am a transformer and a believer.

Not long ago, I discovered my true voice, and is my deep desire that my voice, and my words respect my genuine Nature, and transmit the deep truth of my heart and soul, meant to awaken sparks of light and life, in hearts and souls.

I am a steward of life, I deeply respect and love Mother Earth and all her creatures. I have come to know my shadows, and embrace my own vulnerability. I have come to know my strength and power, but mostly I realize that it takes great strength to be compassionate, gentle and lovingly.

I dance with the thunder, I listen to the wind, I love the Moon, I flow like the water, and I love with the passion of fire, I walk barefooted and I know fairies exist, as well as gods and goddesses too.

I am a Creatrix, and so are you….


About Andreea-Cristina Chiș – ”Pâna”-“Creative Woman”- how the Shipibo Indians called her:
Passionate about Nature and knowledge, since childhood, she found herself, from an early age, in the service of the people. Accredited tourism guide in the past 16 years, and coach and trainer for more then 10 years. The burning desire of exploration, both inner and outer, brought here in connection with different native communities and traditions, facilitating her personal development, but mostly a return to the own essence.
In the past 7 years, she studied, practiced and worked with different systems and spiritual paths, from different corners of the world, from Reiki and Angelic systems, to energies with Egyptian origins and Sufi influences. She prayed in sacred ceremonies, both in the Lakota tradition, but also in the Shipibo path of South America. She took part at two camps of consciousness expansion in Peru, retreats that took place a couple of weeks in the depths of the Amazon jungle, involving plant medicine and shamanism. There she received initiations, activation, tuning and balancing on the DNA facets, directly from the Spirit and Mother Earth, in her sacred places. In the past three years, she studies intensively the Mysticism, the path of the ancient Celtic healing.
Every step brought her closer to the Self, for her that meaning authenticity, mediumship, channeling and intuitive work. In the past years, she was actively involved in aspects related directly to the emotions and femininity, empowering women on their own path.
As a fertility and pregnancy coach, she is a guide that brings clarity both in physical and emotional plane, supporting women on their path, to become mothers.
She lead a series of circles, workshops and retreats in Romania, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Croatia, France and Sardinia.

If you feel resonance and are ready to co-create with Team Creatrix You, you are more then welcome to join us. <3

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