DNA restoration and activation – energetic approach

You know that pattern, you tried lots of things, but it looks like is still there? Do you want to change your life and embrace more of who you are? Do you want to open up spiritually and become more in tune with your own energy?

Even if you identified the pattern, even if you know, sometimes it is hard to not go on this loop. Here are few aspects to have in mind when it comes to that:

  • The mental body – the brain – functions on patterns. Every time you try to change something that is a pattern, have in mind that it didn’t came there yesterday. It took a while for it to form. Recording to the scientists, 21 days are necessary to change an old habit. So please be patient with yourself and your progress.
  • Most of the time the un-beneficial patter or habit offers a sort of ease, that we humans look for.
  • Most of the times it is associated with a repressed emotion, that has the power to keep it in place, even if you identify it. For harmonizing the emotional aspects we recommend: return to Self.
  • Other times the blockage or pattern can be inherited or it’s imprint can go as deep as the DNA structure.

The DNA is a data base transmitted from our parents, from their parents, from their parents and so on. Basically we are built on an entire library of information that we inherited, that can manifest through us or in our life. Energetically speaking, this library has more strands of DNA than the 2 one that we have been thought in school – it contains up to 12 strains.

The first two strains of DNA. are related to our human life. Clairvoyantly sometimes you can see there are gaps, blockages or the structure is broken in certain areas. Those are the areas that can contain certain addictions, blockages, vows or promises transmitted through generations.

The structure can also deteriorate when we go through an intense trauma, that hurt us so much it left marks very deep inside.

First step is to harmonize this aspects, as much as it is possible and in divine will. And only afterwards we move forward to activate from the other strains, as the rest of them are associated to manifesting our gifts as beings of light and love here on Earth. We need a solid base for that to happen – the first 2 strains of DNA repaired and re-calibrated to our own path.

The sessions are available even if you do not have a solid meditation practice. They are remote. We meet previously to set up and identify certain aspects – like for example if you already know the history on your family line and want to work on something in particular. The session is transmitted to you at a certain time, you are invited to create a sacred space and make sure you are not interrupted during the transmission. You might fall asleep if you want to.

After the meeting, if there are specific aspects to talk about, Andreea will meet you online once again and communicate the messages. At times there are aspects that you will be invited to do as maintenance work in your day to day life.

You can set up a meeting in Registration.

Here is what Tina says after the session:

So.. when I sow on the website the DNA activation session, I knew I was ready. It just ring on my bell 🙂 Before the meeting we met to set the intention fór what i would like to work on. I was guided to pick few topics… The session was at a distance offline so i was comfortably laying in my bed and slowly I fall sleep. I woke up only in the morning.

3 days later I was tired integrating. I find it difficult to do some exercises, but I already saw the results. I used to carry some patterns of self-destruction and alcohol. I saw immediately that they changed, I reacted and behaved differently and that was visible to other people around me as well. My friend call me very shiny and saw such a difference in the way I express myself. My internal feelings changed. I became more peaceful and I feel very comfortable in my body. So I guess is relate that to some trauma removal. I was also guided to work myself of different aspects, so probably it will change even more after the integration.


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