Céad míle fáilte – 100.000 welcomes

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From times before mine, from the beginning of all the ages and generations, the feminine aspect of divinity, co-creates this world and all the other worlds. Some call it the Goddess or the Divine Mother… Beyond any name, She is the Primal Force, She is the Life Giver, the Nurturer, the Lover, the Protectores … Her spark of light is in every breath of creation, in everything and everyone… in me as well as in you.

Sometimes you can recognize it easier, other times you may be longing for her touch. In every aspect, she is there, awaiting for you to answer the higher calling of your heart and soul.

Dear woman, are you ready to answer that call? Are you willing take the necessary steps to rediscover and embody that spark?

The Journey awaits…

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