Are you ready to join, maybe a journey of a life time, a journey of adventure and transformation, of re-discovery and embodiment of your authentic Self? Are you willing to step on your path and re-claim The Creatrix You are? Is it your desire to embody the creative force within and take your rightful place in the world?

If your answer is YES, to any of the questions above, I wish to congratulate you!!!

When in your heart you feel resonance with the approach of our programs – which are focused on empowerment, welcome!! It is our intention and desire to offer you the gentle support, the uplifting guidance and the loving space for you to return into your true essence and nature. We are here to support you reclaim your power from within.

With gentleness and ease we go deeper into the corners of the heart, in the corners of the being, maybe even in places untouched before, to heal the wounds from their original source, in a safe, supporting and full of love space. The work that we do, has the power to go down to the cellular level and harmonize from there any blockages, limitations or dysfunctions stored.

When, for any reason at all, your answer is NO, or NOT AT THE MOMENT at the questions above, we encourage you to follow your inner guidance beyond any recommendations. One important step on a path of healing – especially that of the heart – is to be honest with one self and honor that knowing from within, that will always guide you where you belong.

If you still read this lines, if inner profound healing didn’t scared you, welcome to ‘Creatrix You – embody the creative power within‘.

Here are the details for the forth edition of this transformational program in the beautiful and sacred places of South of France:

Reclaiming the Magdalen – initiatic journey for women – South of France 2024

You do not have to be an experienced meditation practitioner to be part of this or any retreat organized by Creatrix You & Andreea Cristina Chis, an open heart, a clear intention and the willingness to explore are enough!

Private sessions & programs are available upon request. In case there is no availability at this time, we will keep you inform as soon as that is possible.

Here are the services we offer at this time:


Are you willing to step into your own? Are you ready to stand fully on the Earth, as the true Creatrix that you are? Are you willing to take that first step?

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