The rays of Sun gently touches the Earth, bringing the so needed light to every plant… The rain caresses the ground, in its love for the crops… the stars flickering in the night sky…. the mysterious haze surrounds the forest at times… In its essence this is a gentle, subtle, ancient way of conversation. The entire Universe express itself to you and through you, all the time.

You do have the eyes to see it! You do have the ears to hear it! The question is, are you willing to tune into it, into the silent whispers of your heart? Are you willing to engage in this conversation?

There is a group of women, ready to go deeper into themselves, into their hearts and walk the mystery paths of their souls. They are willing to support each other on the passage, as they are courageous enough not only to look into the corners of their hearts, but also to bring the comforting light there. In a safe and supportive environment, they are ready to overcome their conditioning, to heal the wounds of the past, and allow the sacred alchemy of their agony and pains, to take place.

This women are warriors of compassion, they are vessels of the essence of life. They came through a lot, and are now ready to take back their power, and step into their own beauty and magic, as sovereign beings of the Earth and the Sky, as they are. They are ready to return to their own divinity, and harvest the fruit of wisdom that came with their experiences.

Do you allow yourself to engage in a deeper connection with your Self?

Are you willing to take that courageous first step, and join this conversation?

The whispers in the wind are saying….

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