Companions in previous odysseys of the soul, are saying about the program….

During the session the following question came to the surface: Is there really no soul who wants me as a mother? I thought I had made peace with the situation and that it was enough for me to be motherly with my pets, plants and close people, but there it was again, popping up again. I didn’t want to force things, I didn’t ask for a child at that time, I only asked that if it wasn’t meant for me to have one, to at least receive some information on why that was not available to me. My sex life was not great either, it seemed that all the passion disappeared as I kept taking ovulation tests and under the pressure to have intercourse in specific days to maximize the chance for conception. I realized during the session that I could be in a relationship without a child or without passion, but not without both. Two months later, for the first time, at 37 years old, I was pregnant. Not only that, but I was madly in love again and conception happened after a most passionate night. Something shifted after the session and I unexpectedly received what I most wanted.’ – M.G.

‘I met Andreea in 2017, an year after I lost a pregnancy, for which I was preparing consciously and responsibly. The lost hurt me that much, that I didn’t wanted children anymore. I went to the workshop not knowing anything about it, no questions, and no expectations, but with an open heart, and the intention to heal anything that I can heal. Even from the first day we went into the trauma of the lost pregnancy. After healing that pain, the desire of having babies came back.

A wonderful surprise, after 3 months from the workshop, I was pregnant again and I knew it, if it happened now, I am more then ready to be mama. I knew that it had to do with healing work, we did in the workshop with Andreea. For this reason, I felt I want her to be next to me during the period of pregnancy as well. She shared her teachings with me, and she prepared me emotionally and physically for the moment of birth. That involved meditation, belly dance, and I even participated in another one of her workshops (yes, pregnant). She came with me to the doctor when I need it… I consider Andreea, my dulla – the spiritual midwife, my best friend and the being full of love that contributed at bringing on this world, this amazing Ema Ioana, the All Love child.

I recommend Andreea for women that wish a child and they can not have it, or they are afraid of it, or they are already pregnant and they need support or empowerment during the pregnancy and not only. For me it worked, and that may bring hope for you dear ones, because sometimes we need hope as much as we need food.’

Andreea S. – happy mother of Ema Ioana – All Love baby

‘Andreea takes you deeply with such ease, grace and gentleness. I had an amazing session diving into my childhood where blockages were formed that I was not aware of. The result was coming out of the session feeling light, liberated and free from the heaviness I have been carrying most of my life. Thank you so much for this illuminating session!’

Seynabou Cisse

‘On my journey home, to SelfLove, rediscovering my inner power as a woman I was blessed to meet Andreea. Being in a women’s circle is powerful and transforming. Witnessing other women on their journeys is inspirational. I did reclaim parts of me that were covered in shameful societal conditioning. Listening to my intuition I stayed in my truth even when everything around me was crumbling. I closed cycles of extreme abuse and pain. I embraced my vulnerability, softness, strength, power, wisdom, beauty, love as part of my wholeness and holyness. I am receiving all the nourishment Gaia has to offer and all the love my Soul and the Universe is flowing through me. I re-created myself for who I am now an artist of my own life and the blank canvas in front of me. A visionary artist.’

Marina T.

‘This is not a retreat. This is a deep journey towards your soul. It will generate a deep shift within yourself and your whole life. It will take you to the edge of your limits where you will embrace fully the Goddess that you are. Thank you Andreea for your presence and for creating this space full of love so we could emerge as butterflies.’

Bogdana R.

‘Return to yourself was a wonderful experience full of fun, realizations and healings. The energy, the openness of participants and the safe created place were all amazing and lead us to dive deep within and to discover the essential about ourselves: what is really important, what drive us, what to keep and what to let go. It is an experience that is worth living more than once! For me personally it will be an ever green starting point in times of changes or in times of new challenges. With Andreea Cristina you have no chance to remain on the surface: you will face your inner demons and you will discover your superpowers. Even if you think you already know them it is still possible to have surprises! Take a chance and let Andreea share her magic with you. It is a great gift to make to yourself.’

Gabriela C.

‘Dear brave souls,
work and journey with Andeea helped me to connect with my soul. I would like to share my insights with you after my journey in France with goddess gang and Andreea.
Although my soul is beautiful (like yours is too) we live in society that has built for centuries beliefs regarding which become natural to think and feel that women are weak – like a bird without feathers and voice. But after we see that mischief we can transform it and through this transformation we realize that the real power is in us. Not in outwardly world or persons. So then we become butterflies but the caterpillars are necessary part of the process.
Work with Andreea is truly powerful but gentle. She is indeed light channel and beautiful and conscious companion. I believe she has the keys to our hearts but finally it is up to us afterwards who decide to open our hearts.
I would recommend to every women who is willing to get in touch with herself and her being to take this adventure and go to this trip in France. And I mean, it is France (magical landscapes and food are guaranteed!!).
At the end, for me after journey in France the new beginning has stared.’

Morana R.

‘Your inner wisdom is guiding you gently back to yourself, you just have to start practice being a good listener to the Heart. This is the way I arrived to meet Andreea and to discover the natural floating magic that lives in all of us. So if you need a sacred space, a divine presence and a warm soul to support the beautiful never-ending process of being, here’s the place.’

Antonela Cristina

‘These days, society is trying to put us in boxes and it makes us believe that we will never be enough. In this way, every day, we put our dreams of the shelf, because we think we should be more like ‘this’ and ‘that’. In my journey, I met Andreea, when fear was taking over my days and was deciding for me. The space Andrea created empowered me to see the abundance around me and within myself. And after all, I understood that love is the most empowering tool in this world. Thank you Andreea for all the beauty and love that you are, thank you for opening my heart, and thank you for giving my breath back every morning! When your soul is going to be ready, you will meet her! And yes, it’s going to be the most beautiful thing that ever happened to you! 

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