The power of an authentic heart

‘Emotions, the power of an authentic heart’ – during the conference The power of the Imperfect Feminine

It was almost 3 years ago, when the magic happened. My inner guidance came in so strong and everything seamed so clear, that even my own fear melted. Don’t get me wrong, the fear was still there but the Spirit inside me already decided and came into agreement to embody that – I was feeling it with my whole body.

The calling was bigger than me, to bring together a big group of women addressing all those aspects that women do not normally talk about: like abuse, like differentiation with men in a work place, like post partum depression, like middle age injustices that still happen to women in modern society and of course on top of all of this, the pressure of being the perfect woman.

This is how The Power of the Imperfect Feminine took place!

We were 77 women, coming together, heart by heart for one commune goal, and if you were among them. I want to thank you for being with me all along!! I want to thank you for following the calling and the voice of your heart!

Before every single newsletter and article, I meditate upon the subject. As I was doing that earlier, ‘authentic heart’ kept on coming up. What a ‘coincidence’ just as in the title of my speech in the conference, 3 years ago: ’emotions the power of an authentic heart’.

There is something very powerful in an authentic heart. An authentic heart can not be defeated, because it has nothing to hide. To reach to the authentic heart though, and even more to bring it up and express it in the world, that requires to be as sincere as possible with one self. And that is not always easy. In a way I would associate this with the image of the Sheela – Sheela Na Gig. Sheela is always there, somehow exposed, yet so powerful in her truth, embodying it, as you can not approach it differently. Approaching her, would require you to leave the masks behind and show up, as naked in your truth, as she is.

An authentic heart has the fuel that it needs to go miles and bring dreams to reality, simply because it doesn’t spend the energy on creating a false image and maintaining it. It will guide and communicate with you – indeed just as a cricket in the beginning if you haven’t listen for it for a while.

But what if I am wrong, when I listen to my heart?
Honey, but what if you are right?

What if mistakes where not mistakes, but redirections that would bring you where you are meant to be?
What if mistakes are just a way to learn more, to expand and reach to the goal that you desire?
Perfection is imperfection accepted. The chicken has to bring in the effort to crack its own egg in order to become the chicken. When someone else cracks the egg, it doesn’t become the chicken anymore.

Photo by Navi on Unsplash

Your heart knows the way! It has the map and it can lead you there!! You just need to listen and follow it!!
Sure uncomfortable things might come up on the way, but they are just means for you to become what you were always meant to!

Aaaaand by listening to your heart, you empower it, so next time it won’t whisper in a cricket voice, it will communicate with you directly. Clarity is gained through following the guidance through.

But what if I am wrong? What if I follow the voice of my mind or Ego?

How else would you realize that you are wrong, unless following it?

No matter of the way, this is a win situation!

What you have to gain is passion, aliveness, expansion (even through learning) and authentic power of the heart – constantly empowered by choosing it!

In our essence we are not different, separate or superior to Nature. We are IT. There is a seed of divine inside you that waits for the perfect timing, to germinate and come into fruition. The seed knows, the chicken knows, Nature itself knows, you too! So have a deep breath and surrender to the process of your becoming. Quiet the noise, allow Nature to take it’s course.

And when you need support we are here for you.

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