reTurn to Self

Do you want more passion, aliveness and love in your life? Did you maybe marked all the aspects of the ‘success recipe’ – you have a good job, superior studies, a good relationship, good social status – but that doesn’t make you happy anymore? You don’t really know who you are and you are confused about your own path, desires and calling?

If you answered yes, to any of the questions above, this might be the case that a session of ‘reTurn to Self‘ would benefit you most.

In this sessions, you are invited in a sacred and safe space, that we create together. This space is based on love, gentleness, support and respect for you and your process. It is important to understand from the very beginning that no one else knows better than you – what you went through, what you experience. There is no universal solution for an unique persons. For this reason, in this meetings you are guided and supported to start a journey of re-connection to your own Self.

This is a journey of empowerment.

And after we set up our meeting – either in person or online, it starts with a guided process of connection (re-connection or deeper connection) to the physical body. You see the physical body is so much more intelligent than we offer it credit. Our cells contain the recordings of anything that happened. This recordings are available to the owner, independent of the level of experience in meditation.

You are supported to explore and access what the intelligence of your own being is ready to reveal to you.

The physical will also mark any sort of blockages stored over time, that can prevent us from reaching even the aspects that we desire more to manifest into our experience. Lots of times they are associated with some sort of repressed emotion.

At times emotional release and harmonization is a natural result in this sort of meeting, that brings the participant closer and more connected to the authentic self – before all the repression of ones expression started to happen. As a direct result, by releasing conditioning or anything else that is not original, there is more space for the essence to manifest. And that always comes with more energy and clarity.

What to have in mind?

  • This is an energetic process that can support healing of different aspects.
  • It brings a spiritual experience that facilitates and supports alignment with soul.
  • The session starts and ends with the physical body a very important aspect in all the exploration, the sacred temple where the soul is invited to manifest.
  • In extreme cases, when the person is disconnected from the physical body, a couple of sessions are required for better results. The work in and with the physical body is an essential part, in all this process. Disconnection from the physical body can be a result of traumatic experiences.
  • The session lasts around 2 hours.

So, are you ready to start this journey of empowerment?

The first step is to connect with us. It is very important for everyone involved that we make sure we are a match and we can work together. In this way the energy invested, no matter if is in form of time or finances, will give the best results. For this reason we offer everyone interested in joining any of our programs a short exploration meeting, in which we can connect and learn more about your journey and desires, so we know by the end of it, if we can honestly be of real help on your journey. The meeting is complimentary. You can use the form at Registration.

Mostly we love that heart by heart, session by session, event with event, big or small, we are honored to witness life transformations. It is such a blessing to see joy of life where there was missing, to see passion where it was lethargy or sadness, to see sparks of love in the hearts even after a painful heartbreak, to see people not only alive but with clarity of their next steps.

Thank you all who already entrusted Creatrix You and Andreea Cristina Chis with your participation and trust! Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey. <3

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